Hit Related Quotes

“Hit the train for a million dollars.”

Albert Pujols

“They just hit some good shots. Credit to them.”

Dan Powers

“We would walk away from big, big fights and we would say, 'It looks like you got hit twice,' ... He would say, 'Nah, three times.'”

Lou Duva

“I felt like I was able to hit my spots. I felt like my last three starts have been good starts, and I've been able to build off those.”

Randy Johnson

“We couldn't shoot. Nobody could hit a shot. Nobody.”

Susie Gardner

“Tony had a great offensive game. He hit some big shots. I'm not sure how many rebounds he ended up with, but it seemed like he was all over the place.”

Carlos Boozer

“UC was hit less than a lot of universities around the U.S. for things [we have] already done.”

Greg Hand

“If we would have raced with the infield like that, cars that hit the mud would have flipped over.”

Elizabeth Williams

“I like the course. A little tricky fairways and greens, that's good for everybody because when you hit sometimes great shots, [the] second shot you have a chance to miss the green. Very similar for the greens because [there's] never a flat green. Every shot [is] always a surprise, the kick of the ball.”

Carlos Franco

“We don't know if the train hit the tree, or the tree hit the train or they hit each other at the same time.”

Dan Brucker