Hit Related Quotes

“We didn't hit our free throws and down the stretch we made some key turnovers. But our kids did play hard.”

Wayne Shelton

“[Megan Knowles , Washington Academy, junior: An outside hitter, Knowles has blossomed into a strong hitter.] She can hit from anywhere, ... It´s amazing what she does with the ball.”

Christine Davis

“We know if we pass it out they can hit the shots.”

Kelly Hawthorne

“It feels good, soothing or whatever other word you want to use, when you're showing you can hit the ball and drive it.”

Mike Lowell

“When the storm hit and the levees broke, our calls went unanswered,”

Mary Landrieu

“I was real proud of my rookie tonight. She hit some shots when we need them.”

Darla Crawford

“The areas that get hardest hit are generally the poorest. Donald Harrison ? he's an alto player from there ? said most of the people who were left there just couldn't afford to leave.”

Kendrick Oliver

“Adrian runs the offense. He penetrates. He sees the floor as well as anybody. He can pull up and hit a jump shot, and defensively he can really get after somebody.”

Dave Clark

“I hit the iron thin into the sand. But I chunked it out up onto the green, and hit the putt for par.”

Heath Harvey

“When Napster first hit, I had a Web site at the time, so I said, 'I'm going to take 20 clips from my first CD and I'll put them under comedy and jokes, and see what happens,'”

Dane Cook