Hitters Related Quotes

“This means a lot because Edgar was one of the best hitters I've ever seen.”

David Ortiz

“I was leaving up my 0-2 and 1-2-count pitches. There was nothing special about the hitters, I just didn't execute my pitches.”

Shawn Olsen

“The reason I kept up with him is because he was probably one of the best hitters ever to come through there. I talked to him [Friday] and asked him about some guys he played with. He didn't even know I went to Memphis.”

Dan Uggla

“He's definitely got the tools. He's accurate and he could hit with any of the big hitters on the tour.”

Sparky Lyle

“I've noticed we've been going after hitters a lot more this year, and throwing more strikes, and it's shown in our success. It's been nice. Any time the pitching staff is doing that better and more consistently, there's a lot less pressure on the offense going in.”

Mark Teixeira

“(The Cavaliers) are executing very well, and their pitchers are doing a very good job of keeping our hitters off balance. Give them credit for what they are doing. We are hitting a lot of balls in the air and not putting pressure on their defense.”

Herman Demmink

“He doesn't have a strike zone. I say this respectfully — he's a freak. There aren't many hitters like him in the game.”

Jamie Moyer

“He pitched good all the way. These guys are just good hitters. It happens. You can't hang your head. We're still in the game. It's just one of those things you have to swallow and put [behind] you.”

Gerald Laird

“They're commanding their fastball, getting hitters out early in the count. They're really doing a good job of attacking the strike zone.”

Steve Webber

“You face them a lot, and you get to know the hitters a lot. Obviously, they get to see you, too. So, every once in while, you've got to pull a few tricks out of your sleeve and see what you can do.”

Wade Miller