Hockey Related Quotes

“I don't think we've played our best hockey yet. But they are finding ways to win.”

Ralph Russo

“Unfortunately, this week's weather has not been as conducive to outdoor hockey as the spirit of those involved.”

Wayne Petersen

“Some of my friends just came back from a field hockey camp, and they told me to try it. We were in my basement playing for hours -- I just loved it.”

Dana Ramsden

“(Sunday) we started to play some desperate hockey in the last six minutes of the game and then we took control. We just didn't have that extra step we needed in the first two periods. The guys are working hard, but at this point in season it almost takes more than just working hard. Teams talk about getting that extra bounce. We have to put forth the needed effort to get that bounce. Once we're willing to do that, things will go our way.”

Wes Parent

“I think we'll get a boost out of beating BC in the Hockey East final. We usually get a boost out of beating BC anyway, but psychologically having garnered a bit of hardware already this year is nice for them. But it's all about winning championships, and [the Northeast Regional] is the only one that's in reach now. Two games to win another championship, but it will be a battle to get through this field, that's for sure.”

Jack Parker

“We played short tonight and got a good effort, but we need to win those hockey games.”

Dave Allison

“I took so many things for granted as a young hockey player. From the time I was 20 to 24, I was the first guy to criticize somebody else if I wasn't playing well. I was lazy. That frustrated my dad a lot. I remember him telling me, if you put something into it, and work hard, you'll always get something out of it. You won't know when it's going to happen. It could be years down the road.”

Wes Walz

“We have to tighten up those turnovers. I think that was the difference in the hockey game.”

Jamie Russell

“He would do absolutely anything on the ice to win a hockey game. Sometimes maybe he goes over the edge, but at the same time his heart is in the right spot.”

Craig Hartsburg

“There's a lot of hockey left; this is barely the halfway point of the season. We're not going to just sit on this one point lead. Standings are funny things; we can't focus on them. We need to focus on the next game ahead of us, and take each game one at a time.”

Don Vaughan