Hold Related Quotes

“Before the game, Coach told the second five that he's not putting them in just to hold the lead; he expects them to keep pushing harder and build on it. They took it to heart.”

Spencer Mclachlin

“Hold your nose to the grindstone”


“Our guards did a wonderful job defensively. We knew if we could hold them under the averages we would be in good shape and that is what we did.”

Kristy Curry

“What is really crucial is that we can consistently hold our own in the front five, that is where teams will attack us and we have to resist that. If we had had a bit more luck and maybe a little bit more experience we could have won two or three more games, what we have got now will close the gap and give us the little bit extra to cross the line in some of those games. We are optimistic but also realistic. We are still at the bottom end, if not the bottom, of the funding ladder and we have to be realistic. If we get injuries we don't have a great deal of depth. If we get a few injuries we might struggle to be competitive.”

Steve Bates

“Our goal is to hold on to outposts in East Jerusalem and create an irreversible situation in the sacred basin around the Old City.”

Adi Mintz

“But you won't hear any excuses in here. We're going to hold ourselves accountable. We'll look in the mirror and do what we have to do to get headed back in the right direction.”

Keith Brooking

“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.”

William Shakespeare

“If you think you can waste my time and holding yours; why not me wasting yours and holding mine?”

Kagabo Buranga Jacques

“With the amount of base runners we had, I wasn't about to hold up anybody at third, that's for sure. I told my pinch runner, 'Look, she had to make the perfect play, and she did. She made a perfect field and the perfect throw, so don't hang your head.”

Pete Hoffman

“We want them to stop the current arrangement, share it with the public and hold hearings.”

Ken Burns