Huge Related Quotes

“He's a healthy 103-pounder now. That gives him a huge advantage over some of the other 103-pounders who are kind of small.”

Kevin English

“He's had a huge impact on children's ministries nationwide.”

Dale Hudson

“The residential market is going to level out for a while after years of huge gains, but that does not mean there is a bubble.”

Sam Zell

“Huge knots of sea-weed hung upon the jagged and pointed stones, trembling in every breath of wind; and the green ivy clung mournfully round the dark and ruined battlements. Behind it rose the ancient castle, its towers roofless, and its massive walls crumbling away, but telling us proudly of its own might and strength, as when, seven hundred years ago, it rang with the clash of arms, or resounded with the noise of feasting and revelry.”

Charles Dickens

“It was a huge, huge explosion. We have collected all the available evidence from the scene and we're are working on that.”

Mushtaq Shah

“That dude is huge!”

Freddy Adu

“This is a huge and very important leap forward in terms of what customers want from their PCs and the related products that go around them,”

Michael Dell

“The vet bills could be huge.”

Chuck Mcdevitt

“Chris is a huge part of our offense. One person can't stop Chris. He's too big, strong and athletic. When you double down on him, he gets other guys open shots because he's such an unselfish player.”

Adrian Moss

“It's great to have a lot of options in one place. You have a beautiful restaurant and a huge bar scene and a back patio.”

Lisa Simpson