Huge Related Quotes

“It's a huge sound. It really vibrates. These are very big instruments. They're a block long.”

Diane Labrosse

“The relief is huge. There was enormous pressure. The team showed good determination.”

Christoph Metzelder

“The girls worked at it and they stayed in the game, even with facing a huge deficit. They never gave up and just kept coming. We started making good contact and the balls started to drop. But it was just too little, too late.”

Dave Hyland

“That was a huge win for him. Tyler's been in the lineup about 10 days. Time came to step up and he did it.”

Dave Ewing

“That is not a huge deal to us, the streak I guess. Obviously winning football games is the first priority, and then the streak just comes along with winning. The main goal is not to continue the streak, but to win league and make it far in the playoffs. That is our goal.”

Corey Moran

“The situation in the Netherlands could be quite explosive because of the huge concentration and numbers of poultry. It is worse than in other countries.”

Albert Osterhaus

“Clearly this meeting signals a bona fide interest on Wal-Mart's part in the Indian market, ... India is a huge market and its fast-growing consumer sector is a precise fit for Wal-Mart's overall strategy.”

Craig Johnson

“This is the No. 1 threat to our public lands. It's a huge invasion.”

Dennis Schvejda

“This represents one of the most geographically diverse audiences that will come to the arena. It's a huge opportunity for us and for the region.”

Chris Weiller

“Others have been more willing to take risks. Some say Exxon is actually being blind and missing out on huge opportunities for growth.”

Daniel Barcelo