Human Related Quotes

Nothing exists except through human consciousness

George Orwell

“We know that the Chinese authorities' views on Taiwan and human rights differ from ours,”

Charles Hunter

“We have the best economy in the world. Part of that is we believe in making sure we use human capital efficiently and not (wasting) talent through gender or racial discrimination.”

Cari M. Dominguez

“I think there is a move afoot to move money for science and robotic missions into the human exploration program and this is just part of it. There is a strong push to reduce the number of missions.”

Christopher Russell

Sometimes human places, create inhuman monsters

Stephen King

“The human being who would not harm you on an individual, face-to-face basis, who is charitable, civic-minded, loving and devout, will wound or kill you from behind the corporate veil.”

Morton Mintz

“They talk about payroll and who gets paid what, ... (But) you still got to do it, and it's human beings doing it. There's no robots. And it just so happens that the other team in the other dugout wants to kick your butt, too. And (the Angels) can be pretty good, which they are. And we're standing in the parking lot.”

Al Leiter

“Nate Burleson is a great athlete, as well as a classy human being. Unfortunately, we mutually decided to part ways, and I wish him and the Burleson family all the success in the world.”

Jack Scharf

“Beware of the pursuit of the Superhuman; it leads to an indiscriminate contempt for the human”

George Bernard Shaw

“Sometimes we don't say exactly what we mean And we don't mean exactly what we say.”

Sandeep Pradhan