Human Nature Related Quotes

“Mr. Attlee is a very modest man. Indeed he has a lot to be modest about.”

Winston Churchill

“That must be wonderful; I have no idea of what it means.”


“Why hurt yourself when there are others who will gladly do it for you”

Meg Nezaj

“The most fatality in human nature is greedy and selfish.”

Kazeronnie Mak

“Though we may reach the foremost heights of intellectual achievement, we will forever remain bound by the shackles of human nature and instinct.”

Mohammed J A Shah

“The biggest lie in the world is that when people tell you that what they really want is for you to tell them the truth when what they really want is for you to tell them what they want to hear.”

Carl White

“If a particular strategy delivers favorable results . . . A person is likely continue using the technique until it stops working for them.”

Detective David Love

“We are what we are and it is what it is, but it's going to change and so can we.”

Ken O. Eldib