Hungry Related Quotes

“We have six, seven guys we didn't have last year. They're hungry. We built this team to stay hungry.”

Ozzie Guillen

“He's hungry. If he misses a shot, he'll follow up his shot two, three times until he scores. As a coach, you can draw up any scheme you want, but you can't stop a player who is driven. He's hitting the boards like a power forward.”

Earl Watson

“I didn't know that it was an offense to breast-feed in public. If my child is hungry, I should have that right. I'm sensitive to other people. I'm very discreet.”

Nancy White

“Our goal was to get to the championship game and win and we're partly there. We're still hungry. We're won't be satisfied until we win the championship.”

Matt Kobli

“You better cut the pizza in four pieces because I'm not hungry enough to eat six.”

Yogi Berra

“We are really hungry and we want to win,”

Rafael Benitez

“You could see out there guys were hungry. It's a big game. The pressure was there, especially when you go back home after a month. We've just got to feed off this game and go forward.”

Marian Gaborik

“They do come south once in a while and it's called an invasion. They push south because they are hungry.”

Steve Hampton

“Nick is so hungry for a championship. I remember when we lost to San Antonio in the Western Conference finals. I had never really seen Nick that emotional. All he had on his mind was trying to get back ... trying to get back. I think that's why when that trade happened he took it so hard.”

Avery Johnson

“If we remain humble and hungry, we can win.”

Dave Allison