Idea Related Quotes

“When you look at the whole idea that we've got some laws that include us and other laws that exclude us, there's a problem there.”

Wayne Harrison

“I think if you are short-term trader, the idea is that the summer rally is probably going to be led by technology as we go up here in the near-term. And that means you're going to probably move away from some of the previous leaders. We talked a lot about health care, a lot about energy - some of that money is flowing back to tech right now. But I'm not sure that as we look forward to the third quarter and the fourth quarter, and we grow instead of 7 percent, more like 4 percent, some of those prices are going to come down too. I think you might look for some bargains in health care and energy here, during the sell-off. In technology, I'd look for some big leaders who have a chance to come back.”

Ron Hill

“The desire to fly is an idea handed down to us by our ancestors who...looked enviously on the birds soaring freely through space...on the infinite highway of the air.”

Wilbur Wright

“I think we have a good idea what the outcome is going to be, hopefully. But it is not entirely over yet. I wish it was. It has been a long time, a long, hard struggle.”

George Mcphee

“[To give ISPs tools beyond the RBL, MAPS also is pursuing the idea of creating a clearinghouse, according to Nicholas. This would help control the problem of spammers who sign up with an ISP and use it for as little as a few hours to send out their messages.] It's the same customers coming back over and over again to different ISPs each time, ... They know they are going to be canceled.”

Nick Nicholas

“In the near term, markets are getting very excited about the idea of the end of quantitative easing, and that's causing the yen to come under some upward pressure.”

Lara Rhame

“Of all that is written, I love only what a person has written with his own blood”

Friedrich Nietzsche

“The plan, the idea, the concept is to isolate Jerusalem from the Palestinian hinterland, and to say -- at the very least - - if we agree to some kind of mini-Palestinian state, it won't be with a capital in Jerusalem.”

David Landau

“The idea is to knock 'em down when you're tired.”

Waheed Mitchell

“The only people you should worry about, getting your idea, are the ones you’re trying to sell it to.”

Maya Elhalal