Ideal Related Quotes

“The man who never makes a mistake always takes orders from one who does. No man or woman who tries to pursue an ideal in his or her own way is without enemies.”

Daisy Bates

“Since you're going to die anyway, shouldn't you live your IDEAL LIFE daily.”

Lorrin L. Lee

Sting's my ideal man, because he's a real man.

Alexander Mcqueen

Peace without Justice is a low estate,Â? A coward cringing to an iron Fate! But Peace through Justice is the great ideal,Â? We'll pay the price of war to make it real.

Henry Van Dyke

I don't have an ideal type; I'm more of a love-at-first-sight guy.


The Minimalists are idealist. They want to minimize themselves in favor of the ideal... But I just can't. You see, my paintings are not cool.

Agnes Martin

“It is not ideal to go into the last match with the series already decided, but a lot of ranking points are up for grabs.”

Marcus Trescothick

Friendship is the ideal; friends are the reality; reality always remains far apart from the ideal.

Philibert Joseph Roux

The business of art is to enlarge and correct the heart and to lift our ideals out of the ugly and the mean through love of the ideal...The business of art is to appeal to the soul.

Florence Earle Coates

A nation writes its history in the image of its ideal.

Abba Eban