Ideas Related Quotes

The secret of not having worries, for me at least, is to have ideas.

Eugene Delacroix

Coolidge's preference for experience over ideas was a deeply rooted trait.

David Greenberg

“It is not once nor twice but times without number that the same ideas make their appearance in the world.”


“The antidote to hubris, to overweening pride, is irony, that capacity to discover and systematize ideas. Or, as Emerson insisted, the development of consciousness, consciousness, consciousness.”

Ralph Ellison

The ruling ideas of each age have ever been the ideas of its ruling class.

Karl Marx

“I sing about political accountability and revisiting ideas about democracy and I also open my heart in my songs.”

Ember Swift

“Every man has a different idea of what's beautiful, and it's best to take the gesture, the shadow of the branch, and let the mind create the tree”

William Faulkner

I seek a form of language which will express my ideas for our time.

Arshile Gorky

Ideas are a dime a dozen. It's execution that counts.

Frank Herbert

“I always start from scratch with a character - they're never based on anyone else. You get ideas of what people look like, and I'm a great people watcher. You can draw inspiration from people.”

Amanda Burton