Illusions Related Quotes

“We have no illusions about it. The status quo won't hold. We have to go in with new, interesting ideas that are cost-effective.”

Wayne Clarkson

“Truth and illusions are often disguised as one another.”


“Illusions wrapped in illusions... It's illusions all the way down.”

Roger Wagner (hyperstudio)

“We were under no illusions about how difficult the second half of the season would be, especially when Queen of the South signed nine players. We are punching well above our weight. And even when we started well, we never had any aspirations of a top-half-of-the-table finish or anything like that. We were realists and this season was always about finishing third bottom. In keeping with our traditions, I think the relegation issue will go right down to the wire.”

Graham Rodgers

“Life is full of obstacle illusions.”

Grant Frazier

?I don't have any illusions that I'll become rich off this project.?

Ben Wagner

“When I have lost all my illusions I search for them”

Giovanni Boine

“I would like to see someone come in second that tells it like it is. I don't have any illusions that he'll come in first, but I do think it might be nice.”

Mike Bennett

“Life in illusions and in expectations of miracles makes us lazy.”

Sunday Adelaja

“[At Harvey Nichols in Edinburgh, shoppers are greeted by a dramatic series of optical illusions in the store's new seasonal window display.] It is about retail as theatre, ... Our customers want to come in and be entertained so we have DJs in menswear, or we play movies on screens. Merchandising has to be very eye-catching.”

Richard Gray