Immediately Related Quotes

“We hit it off immediately.”

Chris Cornell

“His serve was more awkward than I anticipated. If you don't get a good return, he immediately gets on the offense. That's the sign of a great player.”

Andre Agassi

“But when this happened, Cameron didn't want to be alone, and Jared immediately took him into his room and said, 'I want Cameron to be with me,'”

Kevin Bardsley

“In return the owners must cease logging immediately and agree to enter into serious negotiations for the purchase and sale of the property,”

Michael Hoffman

“urge the U.S. and the Europeans to provide international observers immediately.”

Saeb Erakat

“Dry Creek will be immediately relieved.”

Walt Byrd

“When Don and I talked, Chris' name popped up immediately. Not only because of how well he has played with Detroit this season, but because of the way he has represented USA Hockey... it made the choice easy.”

Peter Laviolette

“I got the call, and I immediately prepared myself for what I had been seeing on TV.”

Aaron Gelobter

“The downtrend that started immediately after hurricane Katrina remains firmly in place in spite of Wilma and industrial problems at Total in France,”

Christopher Bellew

“He makes it easier for families and young visitors to immediately understand there are things here for them. Now when kids see a sign with Art Cat on it, they gravitate towards it.”

Marilyn Russell