Importance Related Quotes

“There's a point for things we create where they don't belong to us anymore; when others love them, they belong to the world.”

Vanna Bonta

“This year has demonstrated the importance of maintaining a healthy savings account to deal with unexpected costs.”

Richard Kehoe

“Nobody of importance has spoken to me yet. It's not Virginia. She was nice and respectful. Her staff was rude, disrespectful—all we wanted was some information to keep us calm.”

Patricia Johnson

“We just played our game. We knew the importance of this and we felt that they had all the pressure. We knew that we could come out, be relaxed and play our game.”

Chris Duhon

“The level of importance of this game is high. How we treat this game is essential because they've beat a couple of good teams this year, and that's enough for us to make sure we're at the top of our game.”

Steve Simmons

“It's indicative of the scope of the release. It's also indicative of the importance of the resource [the river].”

Mark Carmon

“While the first quarter was a challenging quarter, it underscores the importance of building a strong pipeline and effectively launching new products,”

Sidney Taurel

“Everyone understands the importance of this park to the facility.”

Harold Phillips

“The adhesion of Coca-Cola is an affirmation of the expansion of the Global Pact and the importance it assumes worldwide, especially on the US market where more and more enterprises have decided to get involved.”

George Kell

“All calamities and vices, afterwards, when he has fully considered their relative importance, let him begin his operations.”

Guru Nanak