Important Related Quotes

Secure our borders first. Let us know and let us make sure the American people know that we're taking care of the important business of dealing with the illegal immigration into this country. You cannot begin to address the concerns of the people who are already here unless and until you have made certain that no more are coming in behind them.

Michael Steele

The end is important in all things.

Yamamoto Tsunetomo

Relationships are more important than punch lines, ya know?

Kanye West

It's also important to develop a burden for the lost.

David Jeremiah

“It is important to build core and right values on a solid foundation so no one can influence anything in your life”

Sunday Adelaja

Another important aspect of our home was respect for ideas.

Robert B. Laughlin

Mental attitude is more important than mental capacity.

Walter Dill Scott

Striving can be more important than arriving.

Marvin J. Ashton

“To hate is to show you still care, who needs that, focus on what's really important.”

Henry Rollins

The road is more important than the goal.

Gylve Nagell