Improve Related Quotes

“It's no secret what area we feel we need to improve in,”

Graeme Souness

“Continuity is the best thing for our team to improve. We can win a championship with the staff and players we have here.”

Darren Sharper

“They could improve what's there now. They don't have to take our public park away.”

Eddie Sanchez

“(The deal) will cut our roaming costs and offer significant marketing synergies, which will enable us to improve the value we offer customers.”

Chris Gent

“We are very happy with the results that we have had but we also know that we can improve our football. It's already getting better if you compare the first three games with the last three. We will keep working on that and of course keep winning our games.”

Arjen Robben

“There are so many things that we need to improve upon and continue the momentum that we're building in our program -- which is playing better and better week after week. We did that three weeks in a row and now have had a bye week. We don't want any hiccups, even though we'll probably have a few.”

Karl Dorrell

“On average, 44.73 isn't going to win you a lot of major titles. So he'll need to improve, but that is quite probable.”

Michael Johnson

“He works hard day in and day out to improve his skills. He has a lot of heart. He's driven from within. We have the kids fill out goal sheets at the beginning of the year. He had some lofty goals.”

Casey Schweitzer

“I want to improve on some of my skills and add new skills.”

Ashley Felicelli