Income Related Quotes

“In all income groups you find your average regulation slob who sniggers at anarchy but calls the police indignantly to his burglarized home, who is actively anti-authority until he needs to be saved from someone with a gun.”

Dick Francis

“We need to treat lower income workers a little better in Social Security.”

Robert Pozen

“For most fishermen, salmon is critical for a major portion of their income. This is a killer. This is a fishery that's a century old and this is the first time to my knowledge that it would be totally closed.”

Zeke Grader

“It is not about the cost of housing, but the perspective of peoples' income.”

Kevin Jackson

“The best measure of a man's honesty isn't his income tax return. It's the zero adjust on his bathroom scale.”

Arthur C. Clarke

“This would be a tax increase on low and middle-income Americans.”

Dan Griswold

“Most interest will be in the price indicators contained in both the GDP and personal income releases.”

Craig James

“We serve the surrounding neighborhoods, and many are transient and come from low-income families. These are the students we aim to serve, and we don't turn them away. We're here to help them.”

Colleen Kennedy

“In fixed-income sales and trading, we did not repeat third quarter's record but $1.6 billion in revenues. But it was a record fourth-quarter total, about 70% above our average fourth-quarter results over the past two years.”

David Sidwell

“That would have hurt both fees and operating income.”

Craig Moffett