Inconsiderate Related Quotes

“[Parents who use the supersize strollers dismiss the notion that they are inconsiderate or think of themselves as superior.] If anything I am particularly self-conscious about the stroller in public places, that I'm not bumping into people, ... A stroller is something a parent uses all the time. It's one of those things, like eyeglasses. You're always using them. You don't want to cheap out on them.”

Chris Ford

always thinks of the other; ego thinks only of oneself. Love is always considerate; ego is absolutely inconsiderate. Ego has only one language and that is of self. Ego always uses the other; love is ready to be used, love is ready to serve.

Philip Toshio Sudo

The cold, inconsiderate of persons, tingles your blood, benumbs your feet, freezes a man like an apple.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Inconsiderate, rude behavior drives me nuts. And I guess the inconsiderate rudeness of social ineptitude definitely fuels my work.

Cindy Sherman

And he's right to say that every faction loses something when it gains a virtue: the Dauntless, brave but cruel; the Erudite, intelligent but vain; the Amity, peaceful but passive; the Candor, honest but inconsiderate; the Abnegation, selfless but stifling.

Veronica Roth

Corliss had never once considered the fate of library books. She'd never wondered how many books go unread. She loved books. How could she not worry about the unread? She felt like a disorganized scholar, an inconsiderate lover, an abusive mother, and a cowardly soldier.

Sherman Alexie

One of my main regrets in life is giving considerable thought to inconsiderate people.

Jarod Kintz

Sometimes when I am driving I get so angry at inconsiderate drivers that I want to scream at them. But then I remember how insignificant that is, and I thank God that I have a car and my health and gas. That was phrased wrong-normally you wouldn't say, thank God I have gas.

Ellen Degeneres