Independent Related Quotes

“As for commercial or independent films, that's not even a concern at this point.”

Cole Mueller

“Cuba ought to be free and independent, and the government should be turned over to the Cuban people.”

William Mckinley

“An independent and free media is essential to ensure democracy.”

Warren Christopher

“We feel that we are big enough that we can be independent and can participate in the marketplace.”

Michael Eisner

“In times past, we couldn't manufacture even a car or ship. Today an independent, self-sufficient, constantly strengthening China has, like a miracle, become one of a handful of countries able to make the dream of spaceflight a reality.”

Xinhua News Agency

“The BCC's figures, compiled by independent academics from the London and Manchester Business Schools, show businesses are paying an extra £40 billion since 1998. The initiative needs to lead some real change.”

David Frost

“It's very unusual to see that four out of five of the best picture nominees are independent or low-budget films, whereas it used to be the other way round.”

Marty Grove

“CSA-54 killed a wide range of HIV isolates, and completely blocked genetically engineered HIV that enters the cells independent of the cell surface receptor the virus normally uses.”

Derya Unutmaz

“When told me they couldn't live in an independent Kosovo, if this is the outcome of the status process, I told them: This is your decision, we cannot force you to stay.”

Albert Rohan

“I have asked that an independent inquiry be started to pinpoint the different responsibilities,”

Jacques Rogge