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Observations indicate that the universe is expanding at an ever increasing rate. It will expand forever, getting emptier and darker.

Stephen Hawking

Nothing about economic growth in the United States over the course of the past 40, 50 years, during which time this has been continually happening, would indicate that we are being harmed in an overall sense by this.

P. J. O'rourke

“The eyes indicate the antiquity of the soul”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

...a society without jaywalkers might indicate a society without artists.

Paul Theroux

“Coolness and absence of heat and haste indicate fine qualities”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Sudden resolutions, like the sudden rise of mercury in a barometer, indicate little else than the variability of the weather.”

David Hare

“That's probably all we would do, unless something else -- some kind of flag -- would indicate illegal activity. I'm sure that if there was a flag that went up, a possible counterfeit or something, there would've been more paperwork done.”

Don Hines

“while the devastation caused by Katrina in Louisiana is severe, initial reports indicate that the situation could be worse from the standpoint of resuming grain exports.”

Charles Grassley

If interstellar travel is as time- or energy- demanding as the above figures indicate, it is far from obvious what the motive for colonization might be.

Barney Oliver

Too frequent rewards indicate that the general is at the end of his resources; too frequent punishments that he is in acute distress.

Sun Tzu