Individual Related Quotes

“The ABA position is that some of these provisions are so invasive of individual liberties that there has to be a sunset provision. They're offensive, I think, to democracy,”

Michael Greco

Collective will supplants individual whim

Samuel P. Huntington

You have to go the rounds from individual to individual in order to gather the totality of the race.

Friedrich Schiller

'Emergencies' have always been the pretext on which the safeguards of individual liberty have been eroded.

Friedrich August Von Hayek

“It's tough, Kevin's a determined individual and he liked being The Man. But the thing I have working for me is I am the closest in age to him as any teammate he's ever had and we are good friends. I think the key will be for us to just keep trying to help each other.”

Clint Bowyer

There is always a very delicate interplay between individual actions and institutional conditions.

Cornel West

“Individual income taxes are the big driver. The stock market is up and people are earning more money.”

Chris Edwards

Style is not about the clothes, it's about the individual

Alexander Mcqueen

“How do you beat an individual who hasn't been beaten in 13 years? With the help of others.”

Rulon Gardner

“The macro numbers [for Congress] look worse than the sentiment on the street for the individual members.”

William Miller