Industry Related Quotes

“We are disappointed with these results. The combined effects of weaker demand in the industry segments we serve, seasonality and longer customer purchase-decision cycles all had a greater negative effect on our quarter than we anticipated.”

Dave House

Democrats love to criticize Republicans on guns, but they are generally mute when it comes to taking on Hollywood or the gaming industry.

Mark Mckinnon

There is no doubt that Formula 1 has the best risk management of any sport and any industry in the world.

Jackie Stewart

“We're getting a lot of new folks coming into the industry, and they're just not as well-trained.”

Susan Burke

Being in the health industry can do a major number on your head when it comes to body image.

Kathryn Budig

“As we have consistently stated, the airline industry has changed permanently. Northwest must significantly lower its costs to compete with other carriers. Many of these are legacy carriers that have already used the bankruptcy process to achieve changes in their cost structures or newer, low-cost carriers which have much lower labor and operating costs than legacy carriers.”

Doug Steenland

“expects there will be more consolidation in the industry. Right now, Delta is focused on its own restructuring efforts.”

Chris Kelly

“And the MICE industry constituted 5 per cent, or RM1.5 billion, of that total. That calculation is extracted from embarkation cards filled by foreign tourists. The MICE industry is actually more than that.”

Anthony Wong

“The intended consequence of these frivolous lawsuits could not be more clear -- the financial ruin of the firearms industry.”

James Sensenbrenner

It's interesting that the book publishing industry, on the iPad, has much more flexibility than the music industry had.

Edgar Bronfman, Jr.