Inexperienced Related Quotes

...all the most acute, most powerful, and most deadly diseases, and those which are most difficult to be understood by the inexperienced, fall upon the brain.


“I thought the secondary did a great job. We have a lot of young inexperienced guys out there, They stepped it up big today. We were able to feed off of each other's intensity today. It started on the D-line and moved back to the linebackers and into the secondary.”

Christopher Wooten

Many will think they may reasonably blame me by alleging that my proofs are opposed to the authority of certain men held in the highest reverence by their inexperienced judgments; not considering that my works are the issue of pure and simple experience.

Leonardo Da Vinci

To reject practice by saying, 'it is conceptual!' is the path of fools. A tendency of the inexperienced and something to be avoided.


You know what works in venture capital? A group of incredibly smart, connected people who have the financial wherewithal and risk appetite to make multi-million dollar bets on unproven ideas and inexperienced founders. People who can make decisions quickly, and who spend their time trying to help entrepreneurs make the most of that cash.

Sarah Lacy

Inexperienced girls flatter themselves with the notion that it is in their power to make a man happy.

Friedrich Nietzsche

“We are inexperienced at the position. We have some people with some quickness and some speed, but we just need carriers.”

Dan Grasser

Either this guy really liked me, or I was inventing things in my head because I wanted him to like me. I was much too inexperienced to guess which.

Claudia Gray

Most important... develop your technical ability. You are handicapped if you do not develop well enough to hold the subconscious process so as not to have problems of inexperienced painters...

Sergei Bongart

“It's a young club. We're young and inexperienced. That's a bad combination for teams with our schedule and who were playing the rest of the year. The kids have hung in there. They're in great spirit. They're quite resilient.”

Leonard Perry