Influenced Related Quotes

“It is pretty unusual that the peace process should not be influenced by elections. A new election cycle is expected to start in 2007 and it will last approximately three years. In other words, there will be elections in one or the other country [during that period]. We know by experience that any election slows down the peace process as it happened in 2003 [when there were presidential polls in Azerbaijan]. Sometimes, it even brings it to a halt for quite some time.”

Yury Merzlyakov

“A play like that probably influenced people.”

Dave Parry

“We never went out and played shows before we got signed because the music scene in Las Vegas is so bad. There's not a lot going on. In our practice space, there were something like 30 bands, and every day we'd walk into that room and hear the exact same death-metal bands. So it kind of influenced us to be different. And to get out of Las Vegas.”

Spencer Smith

“I suspect that on Fed decisions, the president has been very much influenced by Mr. Greenspan. Greenspan and Cheney go back.”

Allen Sinai

“There were many incidents that influenced me over the course of my life. I mean, how does one first learn about human rights? It's constantly evolving, and if there was some big-bang-like event, I can't remember what it was.”

Casey Affleck

“I think in general the markets have been quite jittery and mostly influenced by the sell-off in Saudi Arabia, even though the fundamentals of the markets are not the same.”

Hashem Montasser

“I'm sure there's no way to escape the fact that I was heavily influenced by him. I was only around his music and him most of the early part of my life. It's impossible not to have been inspired or influenced.”

Lisa Marie Presley

“The visual vocabulary and aesthetics of the cartoon have influenced graphic artists and advertising style since the 1940s. An example of this in advertising would be Pop Art, and more recently [seen] in the feature film 'Sin City'.”

Will Hipps

“Memory is not a simple replay. The bits of information that we recover from the past are often influenced by our knowledge, beliefs and feelings.”

Daniel Schacter

“It seems that investors' views are being influenced by a couple of high-profile insolvencies, when these sub-sectors are producing very strong returns,”

Kevin Ellis