Influenced Related Quotes

“It feels like a continuation of the Blondie sound. It's very eclectic, ... Our influences are not all musical. We're influenced by art, culture, camp values and irony. That's what puts us away from the rest of the pack.”

Clem Burke

“If you're that person, then you've done your job. And if you've (influenced) one kid out of a thousand, then you've done your job.”

Aaron Peirsol

“We never went out and played shows before we got signed because the music scene in Las Vegas is so bad. There's not a lot going on. In our practice space, there were something like 30 bands, and every day we'd walk into that room and hear the exact same death-metal bands. So it kind of influenced us to be different. And to get out of Las Vegas.”

Spencer Smith

“Otherwise, sales might be influenced.”

Wang Chunli

“There are issues with the jury being influenced outside of the court. An innocent man has been found guilty.”

Wazhma Mojaddidi

“It seems that investors' views are being influenced by a couple of high-profile insolvencies, when these sub-sectors are producing very strong returns,”

Kevin Ellis

“The only question was whether the juror had been influenced, biased or prejudiced by a reference to her father. You want to make sure anytime there's a personal reference to a juror that they're not influenced in any way.”

Chuck Harrell

“There were many incidents that influenced me over the course of my life. I mean, how does one first learn about human rights? It's constantly evolving, and if there was some big-bang-like event, I can't remember what it was.”

Casey Affleck

“I knew everything he did (physically) influenced how he behaved. They couldn't be separated from each other. That was the struggle (for me), trying to get them together.”

Philip Seymour Hoffman

“[PALS] is a great program. It has really influenced me.”

Amanda Peloso