Informed Related Quotes

“We need something to keep the community informed of what's going on at the school. It doesn't have to be big and flashy, just something to communicate all the things the high school does.”

Cathy Anderson

“It is a huge disappointment, both in style and substance, because I was informed of my non-selection by a journalist and not by the coach.”

Christian Worns

“The Commission has been informed by the European Union reference laboratory ... that the virus isolated in wild birds in Croatia is indeed the H5N1 virus.”

Philip Tod

“We're not prudes by any means. We would have liked to have been informed when we checked into the hotel so we could have made other arrangements.”

Rob Young

“The son of Mr Milosevic has just informed (the) Hague tribunal that the funeral of his father will be in Belgrade.”

Zdenko Tomanovic

“We need to bring a plan to our presidents that is comprehensive and informed.”

Rick Chryst

“Most teenagers are far more interested in politics than we give them credit for. They're informed, they watch the news, and they're concerned about what happens.”

Dan Taggart

“There is no excuse for the way the situation was handled and the fact that the public was informed way after the situation was recognized. The people of Bristol deserve better than that.”

William Stortz

“It was informed by the Cajun tradition, waltzes and ballads and two steps.”

Roger Wood

“They've been well-informed all the way along. They stay on top of it, and we appreciate their involvement.”

Monte Cherry