Ingredient Related Quotes

To run this business ... you need ... optimism, humanism, enthusiasm, intuition, curiosity, love, humour, magic and fun, and that secret ingredient-euph oria.

Anita Roddick

“Isolating a single herb and furthermore isolating its active ingredient reduces the overall effectiveness of the remedy, and is not a holistic science. Unfortunately, science is still far from being able to tie the complicated human physiology into holistic and comprehensive understanding. I hope that future scientific research on Chinese herbal therapy will try and measure the effectiveness of herbal combinations rather than that of isolated active ingredients.”

Dr Joshua Pollock

Why am I as I am? To understand that of any person, his whole life, from Birth must be reviewed. All of our experiences fuse into our personality. Everything that ever happened to us is an ingredient.

Malcolm X

Love is the fundamental building block of all human relationships. It will greatly impact our values and morals. Love is the important ingredient in one's search for meaning.

Gary Chapman

“I am the entire human race compacted together. I have found that there is no ingredient of the race which I do not possess in either a small way or a large way.”

Mark Twain

My father tutored me well on amnesia. He always said it was a necessary ingredient for any friendship. (Kiara)

Sherrilyn Kenyon

I want people to use Perl. I want to be a positive ingredient of the world and make my American history. So, whatever it takes to give away my software and get it used, that's great.

Larry Wall

Play is a necessary ingredient in art because there is a kind of wonder that goes on when you play. You're directing your activity toward a conclusion that isn't prescribed by a particular method.

Richard Serra

Our mistakes and regrets are not barriers to becoming who we can be; they are a necessary ingredient.

David Schnarch

You should try them, Nick. They're delicious. No one makes cookies that taste like this." "? Kara "?Probably because arsenic was a key ingredient.' "Have to watch my girlish figure. "?Cause if I don't, no one will." "? Nick

Sherrilyn Kenyon