Initial Related Quotes

“The GDP data's initial impact was neutral.”

Kazunori Jinnai

“Their initial pump was designed for a six-foot-tall, healthy male. So the pump was sized for the flow this 180-pound guy who plays tennis would have. Most of the patients that need this pump aren't that person.”

Matteo Pasquali

“I had them sold for $325 million, ... That was an initial offer, and could easily have gone higher if bidding took place. Today I'm not sure I could get $225 million for them.”

George Zoffinger

“Despite the initial progress, it cannot be ruled out that some unsafe coal mines are still in operation, and we will continue to strengthen our supervision and inspection.”

Zhao Tiechui

“In total, the initial funding will cover the expenses and capital outlays necessary to support this business.”

David Krell

“The initial reaction has been to buy dollars, but we've just come back to where we were half an hour before the statement where the dollar was quite weak.”

Michael Jansen

“Vaccines, if they can blunt that initial, enormous burst of virus production early on, even if it doesn't prevent initial infection, may dramatically alter the course of infection,”

Anthony Fauci

“In the initial phase the consumer will probably lose. It is a big risk for people who actually buy products for either format without knowing who the winner is.”

Carlos Dimas

“Customers tell us that they look beyond the initial purchase cost and evaluate items such as maintenance, support, completeness of functionality, and consistent management-tool environment.”

Carol Dullmeyer

“Despite initial criticism of the federal government's slow response to Katrina, Bush's overall job approval rating remains essentially where it was at the end of August.”

David Moore