Input Related Quotes

Thank you for your input; I can tell you are struggling towards being interesting.

Stephen Fry

After holding hearings to get input from Missourians, I led the fight to pass legislation that protects seniors from predatory lending in the mortgage industry. I stood up against efforts that would make it harder for seniors to vote, and battled telemarketers bent on defrauding seniors.

Claire Mccaskill

Philanthropists today want input into how their monies are being deployed. The big question is, can governments use this insight to sell the rich the idea of paying more tax rather than spend more on charitable giving?

Noreena Hertz

Twenty percent of all input forms filled out by people contain bad data.

Dennis Ritchie

“I talked to the seniors and juniors before to have their input, and they were a little hesitant at the start. I think they felt better because everyone had to wear one. It wasn't an option.”

Chris Woods

In the dream state, the only essential difference from waking is the relative absence of sensory input, which makes dreaming a special case of perception without sensory input.

Stephen Laberge

I toured with Lady Gaga, and her choreographer is incredibly talented and develops some crazy routines. Lady Gaga is very involved in the dancing, too, and she always wants to have creative input. I had an incredible time with her!

Caity Lotz

There are no interruptions, only mismanaged inputs

David Allen

It seems like everything that we see perceived in the brain before we actually use our own eyes, that everything we see is coming through computers or machines and then is being input in our brain cells. So that really worries me.

Hayao Miyazaki

“The ISL59532 has higher integration than competitive devices, both with the number of input and output channels in one package, but also with its additional functions, such as DC-restore and its fast OSD switch.”

Kathryn Tucker