Inside Related Quotes

“We worked our offense to get some mismatches inside, and Kendra did a good job taking the ball to the basket.”

Pete Wilson

“We need block cells with solid doors that contain a small window for viewing inside the cell. Those are safer than cells with bars. Also, we don't need to be locking and unlocking doors with keys. We need buttons.”

Kim Phillips

“We had that blocked punt down inside their 30. They ended up getting the first down and that's what sent them down the field. They had the momentum. Again, penalties hurt us.”

Stan Skowron

“Beau really made some big plays late. He got inside and got 12 rebounds and he made the key free throws down the stretch.”

Doug Armstrong

“The got too many inside baskets and rebounds. We forced some turnovers and hit some big shots but it was much to come back from.”

Ken Markfull

“It's been a good year. We had good crowds, and several of the vendors — the inside vendors anyway — said it was the best year they've ever had here.”

Walan Kite

“Something inside of me just said 'Hey, wait a minute, I want to beat him,' and I just took off.”

Steve Roland Prefontaine

“When his jumpers aren't going in, then it really hurts our inside-outside game because teams start jamming and converging on the post players. So he's going to have to hit the open shots. He's going to have to make the big baskets. And he has to come through for us.”

Dwight Freeman

“I was surprised he said that. Catching the ball just comes naturally to me. I know deep down inside, this position is the best fit for me. I'm really sold at this new position.”

Cornelius Ingram

“We knew that if our outside shots weren't falling, we had to take it inside. So we pumped up our defense and got some steals and it got momentum back on our side.”

Marissa Young