Interest Related Quotes

“Property and banking stocks will continue to be the drivers of the market with people expecting the interest rate hike cycle nearing its peak.”

Castor Pang

“Mobile operators have every interest in rolling out mobile e-mail solutions to their networks. They see mobile e-mail as an indispensable element in their competitive strategy. It will allow them to use excess bandwidth on their networks, especially after their 2.5G/3G network upgrades, reduce subscriber churn, and eventually become a major source of revenue further down the line.”

Alaa Owaineh

“The key thing in the next four years is generating more interest among younger people.”

Chris Moore

“A lot of the tech selling is over. And the considerable strength of the U.S. economy is intact, interest rates are low, inflation is not a specter, so money continues to flow into the market.”

Arnie Owen

“Last week, we encountered an ugly week for stocks as the market discounted higher interest rates.”

Peter Cardillo

“It's a special thing to take our team to other areas. We're trying to gain interest all over the state.”

David Grewe

Actually, I have an interest in finishing my Ph.D., but I just know I never will.

David Duchovny

But what is drama? Broadly speaking, it is whatever by imitative action rouses interest or gives pleasure.

George P. Baker

I have zero interest in these Capitol people. They are only distractions from the food.

Suzanne Collins

“The interest in life does not lie in what people do, nor even in their relations to each other, but largely in the power to communicate with a third party, antagonistic, enigmatic, yet perhaps persuadable, which one may call life in general.”

Virginia Woolf