International Related Quotes

“All politics is local, even international politics. That border represents a convenient dividing line between two people who see the world differently.”

Daniel Lund

“International Truck and Engine is pleased to accept this award from the industry experts at Frost & Sullivan. Our extensive research, engineering and coordination with our customers have led to the development of a solution that will help businesses in various vocations streamline its vehicle operations.”

Dan Lindberg

“We intend to expand our international operations over the next few years [and] in close co-operation with Xerox UK to become their largest partner in that territory.”

David Redshaw

“We need to look at domestic and international needs.”

Zhou Xiaochuan

“This has happened because of international pressure, and that is good,”

Anna Lindh

“She's not there yet, but the top international players are making over $200,000 a year now. It speaks well of the sport.”

Dave Rubio

“The reserves are of significant importance to upgrade the China image in the international economic arena, strengthen the nation's macro-control capabilities and guard against financial risks.”

Xiao Zhuoji

“International NGOs are there to level the playing field and build capacity. But I sense a real reluctance among some NGOs to do that.”

Michael Edwards

“The international community knows how to organize elections. But it's not good at sticking around to build functioning democratic institutions.”

Dan Erikson

“I don't see myself as an international megastar. I still put the rubbish out late at night-sometimes in only my underpants. Mind you, nowadays I have a good look around to make sure there is no one there. I just think this whole star thing is a gas and I think the neighbors think it's pretty funny as well. We've got some great neighbors.”

Damon Hill