International Related Quotes

“It's a beautiful, beautiful location that we can show off. Our international advisers evaluated every venue possible and determined that it was by far the best within 100 miles of the city.”

Kevin Boyer

“Hundreds of national and international humanitarian staff have been working in what has become the largest winter emergency operation ever.”

Ann Kristin Brunborg

“Well the key basically is the fact that the stock market is in itself cheap. Usually high, by international terms, dividend yields, and the fact that earnings plus growth prospects for the market in general are higher than other emerging markets.”

Angus Blair

“Our international gains were very, very strong this quarter as we expect that, of course, to continue. Europe is doing extremely well for us, much larger offices in the United Kingdom, France and Germany.”

Eric Schmidt

“strongest challenge to the program crops to embrace reforms that would be consistent with the international economy.”

Cal Dooley

“[Of the five proposals made by the committee, three concerned different types of international fuel supply guarantees as an incentive for countries to forswear their own enrichment facilities, and two were based on the notion of shared ownership or control. The latter involved] promoting voluntary conversion of existing facilities to multilateral nuclear approaches (MNAs), and pursuing them as confidence-building measures with the participation of non-nuclear-weapon states and nuclear-weapon states, and non-NPT states ... creating, through voluntary agreements and contracts, multinational, and in particular regional, MNAs for new facilities based on joint ownership, drawing rights or co-management.”

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

“We hit a glitch adding the international databases.”

Kristi Kaspar

“I believe , i equally belongs to every single country in this world.”

Vipin Bhatti

“Amnesty International calls today on foreign governments to uphold their obligations under international law by investigating all senior U.S. officials involved in the torture scandal.”

William Schulz

“I cannot imagine Delta making any changes at Tampa International beyond the few seasonal changes they previously announced for September.”

Louis Miller