Interpret Related Quotes

The first principle of cognitive therapy is that all your moods are created by your 'cognitions,' or thoughts. A cognition refers to the way you look at things - your perceptions, mental attitudes, and beliefs. It includes the way you interpret things - what you say. about something or someone to yourself.

David D. Burns

This is the difference between conservatives and liberals. Liberals want justices to vote a certain way. We [ conservatives] want a particular legal philosophy, a philosophy for how to interpret the Constitution.

Ann Coulter

The true magic of novels dwells within us individually. Each reader will interpret every single character, scene, and metaphor in a slightly different way

Carl Henegan

I love it when people are able to interpret thoughts and feelings on fabric or some kind of material.

Anne Hathaway

The script is the musical score, and everyone has to play off that score. Even I have to interpret it. The producers are there to eliminate obstacles to that interpretation.

Rebecca Miller

It is only by human experiences that we can interpret the Divine.

Lyman Abbott

“And every now and then people find the bugs, and they interpret those as cool failures in the Sims terms. For them it's like a treasure hunt, you know.”

Will Wright

“The market will interpret [those comments] that the bank has gone towards a tightening bias.”

Claudio Piron

Crime, folly, sickness and all phenomena must be contemplated with complete freedom from fear aversion or shame. Otherwise we shall fail to see accurately, and interpret intelligently; in which case we shall be unable to outwit and outfight them.

Aleister Crowley

Masonic ideas are the precious jewels of Speculative Masons; the should be kept bright and sparkling for all the brethren to see and to admire. As such, they should be the special care of Masonic leaders particularly those who teach and interpret the philosophy of Freemasonry.

Benjamin Franklin