Intervention Related Quotes

“I may have implied that in some sense we have taken intervention off the table. That certainly would not have been a correct implication,”

Robert Rubin

“I think an ample current account surplus is one of the factors that can boost the won and prompt intervention in the first quarter.”

Chun Chong Woo

“Ambassador Mulford has made wide-ranging intervention in the internal affairs of India. To say the least, it is very unfortunate. It confirms our earlier apprehension that he is directly interfering in India's internal affairs.”

Sitaram Yechuri

“If the governments do not reaffirm their commitment to repeatedly intervene until the currency stabilizes, the intervention will fail.”

Carl B. Weinberg

“There is ... no sign yet that the ECB is even contemplating unilateral intervention on the euro.”

Sean Callow

“I think I need divine intervention to win a game, because this one was a clear-cut winner for us. We had about nine chances and we only scored one out of the nine. When you score 10 per cent of your chances you're in problems. We playing good football, but we're just unable to finish the games.”

Danny Lyn

“The generally accepted explanation for the Miracle was that it had been just that: an act of divine intervention on a colossal scale ... An event had taken place in defiance of everything commonly accepted as natural law; it had fundamentally transformed a generous portion of the EarthÕs surface in a single night. It's only precedents were Biblical.”

Charles Wilson

“The dollar would have fallen faster or further had there not been this massive central bank intervention. If in fact they are going to cut back on their dollar-support activities, then the dollar is going to resume its decline, and that's going to have some inflationary implications.”

Paul Kasriel

“Innovation in Intervention: i2 Summit 2006 offers unsurpassed evidence-based content, presented by leaders in interventional cardiology. Live satellite transmissions, computer-based learning and simulation training make the content innovative and interactive.”

William O'neill

“There is ... no sign yet that the ECB is even contemplating unilateral intervention on the euro,”

Sean Callow