Investment Related Quotes

“We believe that the Fund's strong investment performance and growth in assets clearly indicate that the era of socially responsible investing is beginning to dawn,”

Amy Domini

“We're making about an $80,000 investment with $40,000 going to the national Babe Ruth. The rest goes for equipment, balls, field maintenance, the banquet . . . and to house the coaches and umpires.”

Curtis Moore

“The government may find it difficult to bring in investment in the current scenario, so the growth impetus may need to come instead from keeping rates steady.”

Vajira Premawardhana

“Significant investment means the club have the playing resources to improve performances but with so many new team members time will be needed.”

Daniel Levy

“When South African companies invest abroad today, it will trigger income streams in the future. For instance, the investment made by Rembrandt in the 1950s proved very valuable over the decades.”

Rudolf Gouws

“This is a large investment by the doctors, not only in terms of the building but in terms of their commitment to the community and their commitment to assuring continued quality health care for our residents and visitors.”

Rick Davis

“Within investment banking, there was a strong bias towards the trading result, while underwriting actually fell from the fourth quarter.”

Dirk Becker

“Funds are viewing commodities such as oil and metals as investment tools, so these prices are likely to keep rising. Copper prices show no signs of retreating.”

Cai Luoyi

“No single measure or investment can help an organization support the growth and direction of its business, but organizations that develop ongoing strategic performance management programs that allow them to manage their performance and track their competitive environment will be first in managing business growth, strategy and operations effectively.”

Howard Rubin

“In the most basic sense, development aid is anything that is an investment in the future.”

Gerald Bourke