Investors Related Quotes

In choosing a portfolio, investors should seek broad diversification, Further, they should understand that equities--and corporate bonds also--involve risk; that markets inevitably fluctuate; and their portfolio should be such that they are willing to ride out the bad as well as the good times.

Harry Markowitz

Unless an investor has access to 'incredibly high-qualified professionals,' they should be 100 percent passive - that includes almost all individual investors and most institutional investors.

David F. Swensen

“Local market sentiment was also buoyed by overseas investors, who had placed large net buy orders ahead of the market opening today. This helped prompt retail investors here to step up purchases.”

Hiroyuki Nakai

“The picture that is emerging is of investors using the online services for their smaller trades, but seeking out expert research and advice when it comes to their larger involvements,”

Angela Knight

“ISM was overall a good report, but (investors) are staying on the sidelines until the jobs reports comes out.”

Charmaine Buskas

“Investors were keenly awaiting machinery orders, due out in the afternoon. However, the downside on the main indices was limited as investor hopes for a further rise remained pretty strong. An outcome (on the data) above the market consensus could set the stage for a further boost.”

Mitsushige Akino

“The US dollar rose on Friday, with investors believing that a rise in the key core PCE deflator will keep the Federal Reserve poised to lift interest rates.”

Craig James

“Foreign investors tend to be worried when there is talk of impeachment because they don't always understand our system. That is important because it was precisely Europe that contributed heavily to buying in the U.S. I don't know if they are selling right now necessarily, but it's a pretty good bet that they are not buying.”

Peter Canelo

Employees pay the highest percentage of taxes. Big business and investors pay the least.

Robert Kiyosaki

The most important quality for an investor is temperament, not intellect.

Warren Buffett