Inviting Related Quotes

The paradox is that when we model future designs on past successes, we are inviting failure down the line; when we take into account past failures and anticipate potential new ways in which failure can occur, we are more likely to produce successful designs.

Henry Petroski

It's cool to have a well run, comfortable and inviting home.

Anthea Turner

“A down comforter is one of the most inviting things you can add to a bedroom. I like to fold a down comforter at the end of the bed so it is plump in the middle. It adds a warm and cozy look.”

Deborah Carpenter

“It's a different format. Classes are open and inviting.”

Cynthia Anderson

I had no inducement to proceed further into the interior. I had been sufficiently disappointed in the termination of this excursion, and the track before me was still less inviting.

Charles Sturt

“The use of violence as an instrument of persuasion is therefore inviting and seems to the discontented to be the only effective protest.”

William Orville Douglas

Pushing away unwanted feelings and situations, equals inviting them to return back with a greater strength.

Raphael Zernoff

Friends, books, a garden, and perhaps his pen, Delightful industry enjoy'd at home, An Nature, in her cultivated trim Dress'ed to his taste, inviting him abroad - Can he want occupation who has these?

William Cowper

“The government that was elected through democratic process should rule by the law. It is a government inviting the wrath of the people.”

William Ruto

Polo is the most inviting sport I've ever seen.

Nacho Figueras