Iraq Related Quotes

In America, every time we take rebels, whether it's in Iraq or anywhere else, we're arming people. And you know what happens? They end up being worse than the people.

Donald Trump

They did an article in a major magazine, shortly after the war started. I think in '04. But they did an article which had me totally against the war in Iraq.

Donald Trump

Initially, before the modern state of Iraq was created, there were three separate provinces here: a Shiite in the south, a largely Sunni one in the middle, and a Kurdish one in the north.

Richard Engel

“In Iraq they zeroed in on oil, and this appears to be a creeping process, since it is happening in Saudi Arabia.”

Youssef Ibrahim

“Near term, we have seen a softening in our business, coincident with the onset of the war with Iraq. We believe the softening reflects consumer preoccupation with geopolitical events. It is too early, however, to understand the impact these events may have on results for the first quarter.”

W. Alan Mccollough

There has, indeed, been very substantial progress in Iraq over the past year - violence is down by 80 percent, civilian deaths by about the same, and so on.

David Petraeus

“ Reid snapped, answering a reporter's question. The failure to move ahead with the Iraq investigation, he said, is ''a slap in the face to the American people.”

Harry Reid

“The policies are matters of priorities. And the priorities of the Bush White House are clear. For killing in Iraq, they spare no expense. For protecting and sustaining life, the cupboards go bare The problem is not incompetence. It's inhumanity, cruelty and greed.”

Norman Solomon

Any time you have a situation in which you are calling for more time rather than calling for Iraq to immediately comply, it plays into the hands of Saddam Hussein.

Condoleezza Rice

I think we should take Iraq and Iran and combine them into one country and call it Irate. All the pissed off people live in one place and get it over with.

Denis Leary