Issue Related Quotes

“The issue of releasing Palestinian prisoners is very unpopular in Israel, and if he goes too far, he'll suffer more than by his failure to reach an agreement.”

Chemi Shalev

“I think this is never a crime under any circumstance. This is a consensual issue. It's an issue of self-determination and self-autonomy.”

David Gorosh

“The public, ... has not until recently found this to be a compelling issue.”

Mike Leavitt

We need to start by having a conversation about climate change. It would be irresponsible to avoid the issue just because it's uncomfortable to talk about.

Al Franken

“Have you read the screen international review which was never quoted when the others came out...there's a fairness issue here.”

Vincent Ward

“Fundamentally, this is an economic competitiveness issue. Our concern is how health care costs can be contained so that jobs can grow here.”

Darrell Harvey

The mass starts into a million suns; Earths round each sun with quick explosions burst, And second planets issue from the first.

Erasmus Darwin

“The AT&T; case may have biased me with antitrust issues but the issue of allowing a monopoly to have a stranglehold on information is still a concern.”

Harold H. Greene

“The new issue calendar had dried up for all kinds of issuers. But now, the corporate calendar is building again.”

William Sullivan

“If the energy committee chairman wants to make the issue of drilling off Florida an agenda item, so be it; let's talk about it.”

Dan Mclaughlin