Issues Related Quotes

“Bill Simon and Arnold Schwarzenegger are agreed on so many issues that it's a natural that many of Bill Simon's supporters will come and embrace the Schwarzenegger campaign. Many have already indicated that.”

David Dreier

“Iraq is one of the issues that everybody has a problem with, ... There are some big discussions about it around town. Everybody's got their agreements and disagreements. It seems like there's no end. Is it going to end up another Vietnam?”

William Anderson

“He's glad to talk about whatever issues Prince Charles may want to bring up.”

Scott Mclellan

“We tend to think of security issues as being computer-based. But many scam artists use the telephone and simple false pretenses to trick people out of data.”

Chris Hoofnagle

“There are some very, very real issues that are true crazies here, ... We're the most dangerously under-policed city in America. All we need is terrorism, civil insurrection, and our police force, in no man or shape or form, can handle it.”

Peter Andersen

“IT issues don't necessarily break down ideologically. The middle of each party comes together and works together to get each issue done.”

Connie Correll

“The UK betting market is highly competitive and, accordingly, the board believes that any potential competition issues will not be material.”

William Hill

“We listened carefully to the issues that (Clark) raised, and we've been working to address each of the issues.”

Ken Fields

“Obviously no one ever likes to hear that they're having technical issues with their covenants.”

Andrew Baker

“This safety audit that the insurance company does is thorough. It involves safety issues with equipment, building security and just all kinds of things like that. They give us a detailed report and we're glad to use it.”

Dave Griffin