Issues Related Quotes

“We have some significant differences on a number of specific issues. But our policy differences pale in comparison to overall scope of our cooperation,”

Paul Cellucci

“These were contested issues, but they agreed to the union's interpretation.”

Arnavaz Mistry

“One of the big issues when you're effectively creating a market is that it's inevitable that the knowledge base out there is limited as to what this device is, what does it do and what are the benefits.”

Daren Siddall

“If we don't take out the trees, there's safety and reliability issues. We want to let everyone know, so there's no surprises.”

Dan Lyons

“Athletes face some of the same issues any student deals with: academics, family and personal issues, career or educational path changes. Each person has a unique set of circumstances that lead to decisions they make.”

Dan Mullen

“Can you work with me on this? I've got some major issues here. I'm not asking for special treatment. I'm really not.”

David Graves

“The issues Gutierrez is concerned about are issues that worry us as well. We have launched a national anti-piracy campaign, but it is not a problem that can be solved in one day.”

Yan Xiaohong

“Forty percent are cured and 50 percent are significantly improved. The other 10 percent have issues beyond the scope of physical therapy.”

Aniela Orr

“Iran is already under international pressure. A severe crackdown on social issues like the dress code could cause a popular backlash.”

Saeed Leylaz

“This could be an issue ? but one of many issues.”

Donna Brazile