Job Related Quotes

“The pitching was solid. Jake did a good job of getting out of that inning. If we're going to do anything state-wise, we've got to have Jake throwing well.”

Greg Payne

“Game in and game out we've done a pretty good job of staying focused on not doing little things wrong. It gets to a point where it seems the games roll into each other. We just made some mental errors. It's a game against Columbus in March. We're not too concerned about it. We still ended up getting a point. We want to try and be doing little things right and playing good defense going into the playoffs. We played a good game. This kind of stuff happens.”

Chris Osgood

“Everybody just has to do their job and stay at home. It we do that nothing can go wrong.”

Curtis Garth

“I think it's pretty astonishing that you said you didn't have the resources necessary to do your job and then to describe coordination in such a feeble way.”

Christopher Shays

“We understand that it's probably one of the most dangerous professions there is. We're all out there doing a job, just trying to make a living like everybody else, and it's a shame that a few people have to ruin it for others.”

Rich Sehl

“I'm confident we're doing a good job down here. We'll get through this. We'll see what occurred, investigate, and take appropriate action once we know what the findings are.”

Dale Uhler

“It was (Andersen's) job to look under the hood, to check the tires and to tell investors this car was safe to drive.”

Sean Coffey

When a company identifies how to integrate the processes needed to give the consumer a sense of job completion, it can blow away the competition. A product is easy to copy, but experiences are very hard to replicate.

Clayton M. Christensen

It's a very tough job to host a show and a very tough job to produce a show, and you're in a no-win position.

Neil Meron

“I think everybody did a great job of trying not to focus on what we had lost, but trying to focus on what we could do. Nobody got real anxious or nervous when Matt went out. ... I think that's what you have to do when you lose one of your best players. You can't hang on it or it's going to affect your game, and the team's game and the mind-set.”

Chris Hernandez