Job Related Quotes

Are those 'terrible' machines really putting those people out of work? Or are they getting rid of a really dull job that we shouldn't be torturing people with?

Rodney Brooks

“We need to do a better job of treating our residents.”

Alan Lewis

“You have to treat them like a regular employee and pay them by the job or by the hour.”

Don Roberts

“We didn't do a good job on J.R.. He came off screens, made some big shots, and we have to give him credit for that.”

Seth Greenberg

“That, combined with no job growth, makes it harder and harder for the Fed to pull the trigger in an election year.”

Cary Leahey

A lower-paying job can still help you advance your career.

Nicole Williams

“The continued improvement in the local job market has underpinned the growth in retail sales. We expect growth will continue as interest rates peak in the second half of the year.”

Daniel Chan

“Alex did a nice job of setting with the way we were passing.”

Diane Tuller

“I had told him before, if this doesn't work out as a head coaching job, plan on me coming to help him. I guess we're rivals now.”

Chad Campbell

“JT Sorensen did a really good job. He's so tough. He goes hard. There were times when we needed someone like that. He started the game like that. He scored inside. He goes to the basket hard and does the extra things.”

Gary Mcculloch