Job Related Quotes

“The real answer is to stop it at the point where they get a job. If they can't verify themselves as being in the country legally, they don't get jobs. Then, you dry up the jobs for them.”

Phyllis Schlafly

“The auditor was doing her job. We as the Board of Supervisors should follow our own policy. Why shouldn't we be the first to hold ourselves to that same standard?”

Sarah Sampels

“We did a good job of breaking their press. We are a tough team to press.”

Charmaine Bell

“That, combined with no job growth, makes it harder and harder for the Fed to pull the trigger in an election year.”

Cary Leahey

“They just do a really good job all over the floor and it's not just their guards, it's ball pressure all the time. You can see in a game like that when you get Whitney and Ida out of sync we're going to struggle.”

Russ Wilcox

“We definitely did a better job of passing the ball. We are communicating more, and trying harder.”

Cory Cook

Acting is everybody's favorite second job.

Jack Nicholson

“He does a great job of moving off the ball, and when the shots go up he finds that seam and seems to be there (for the rebound).”

Chad Cluver

I don't believe there's a baseball job that I couldn't take care of.

Don Cooper

Fortunately, I've never had a job

Lyle Lovett