Job Related Quotes

“This is not a year-round job. We test during the spring, and we grade the tests and everything is put to bed by May.”

Cathy Schroeder

“Typically, most pages don't look very good on a mobile phone, but Opera has done a good job formatting and compressing the content for handhelds.”

Dave Linsalata

“The team is warm and familiar, and what's more I get appreciation from the complete crew for my job: Not only, I did qualifying of the car, I will also start the Courage tomorrow afternoon.”

David Hart

“Our players are aware of everything surrounding the game. But our job as coaches is to keep the players focused on the task at hand. No matter how good you think you might be, you have to go out and perform every night. But right now they're really motivated and excited for the opportunity.”

Duane Peterson

“I decided I was going to sabotage this job search, and put my résumé in places where I knew I wouldn't have a hope of getting a job. And one of them was a radio station in McDonough, Georgia.”

David Brown

“I'm a retired old guy and I don't need a job and I don't need to find a place to work in this state or anything else, but you do.”

Jack Billion

“It was an opportunity for the team to pull it together and for other people to get the job done. Megan can get the job done. She's proved it through the first 13 or 14 games. We just want her to be able to give her best, to give 100 percent.”

Carey Green

“He would be just the perfect fit for that job.”

Eric Chavez

“Our job is to grow the market. Our job is to lead, and our job is to innovate.”

Phil Harrison

“They have improved a lot. Kimball is so talented and does such a great job distributing the ball that they can beat anyone.”

George Dudas