Job Related Quotes

I am not one of these guys who works job after job after job.

Ed Harris

“Hull did an excellent job of coming back from his last start. He pitched a good game.”

Ralph Escalona

“Objectively recording and filming interrogations concerning job-related crimes will help prevent violations of the law, help ensure the accuracy of key evidence and prevent criminal suspects from revoking confessions or bringing false charges against interrogators.”

Wang Zhenchuan

“They put the ball in play against us. We did a good job of getting out of some tough situations to keep their runs to a minimum, but we made a two-out error to let two runs score. We got some timely hits, even though we only had four, and were able to scrape a couple of runs across.”

Craig Jones

“She does a great job back there, digging the ball behind the server. Talk about a silent presence. She consistently scores four or five points a night for us.”

Debbie Klock

“In the first half West Fork did a good job of playing the game at their pace. In the third quarter our intensity level rose.”

Vic Rimmer

“I think aside from the quarterbacks and the running backs, we've got the hardest job, ... just because we have to know everything in the passing game and we have to know all the line calls as far as pass protection, running the ball and things like that. So we have to know basically the entire offense inside out.”

Chris Baker

“Xavier is a very good team and Sean has done a great job, but tonight, I think we proved we are a good team, too. Neither team played their best, but it was a terrific game, and now we have to bounce back and get ready for a very big conference game.”

Andy Kennedy

“Stacey did a good job and she had an outstanding defensive performance behind her. Cynthia Allen made three spectacular catches in the field. She made those catches you don't expect from your players, but you are happy to get them.”

Darrell Jackson

“It was very, very good defense. And offensively, we did a good job of setting the tempo to our liking.”

Cindy Anderson