Job Related Quotes

“He threw a complete game win and you can't ask anymore for a freshman. Cain did a wonderful job of keeping the hitters off balance and getting ahead in the count It was his second good performance his first one was in relief against Oglethorpe.”

Eric Etchison

“The offensive line really did a great job.”

Andrew Selle

“There's nothing like having a firsthand account. Each man's job was extremely important.”

Glenna Borho

“Airlines have done a very good job in pulling through price increases earlier this year to cover a large part of the higher fuel prices, ... Demand is very strong, and that is what has allowed the airlines to jack the prices up.”

Ray Neidl

“Bart has done a great job this year stepping up and putting an end to a loss.”

Darin Erstad

“I'm just a normal guy doing a job!”

River Phoenix

“Summertown hit big shots at the end. We need to do a better job rebounding, but I feel like we have a great shot Saturday.”

Chad Hall

I think they do a great job on Queer as Folk.

Laura Innes

“Mitch and Nate did a nice job of displacing a number of other team's top five runners which often times goes unnoticed, but is crucial in the final outcome.”

Sean Mcmahon

“He kind of sees where he stands. He's done such a good job of working hard and staying focused.”

Derek Strobel