Job Related Quotes

“He does a great job guarding low. We have to bring it up on him.”

Simon Gagne

“It does a good job of defining the difficult issues we face with China, but its standard solution is to beat Chinese over the head until they comply. That approach runs the risk of undoing our policy of engagement with China, which has been the policy of the last five administrations.”

William Reinsch

“They did an extraordinary job.”

Carmen Proviano

“Jackie did an awesome job. She was playing really well. She came and picked up every ball that came through. She was the key to our victory.”

Samir Haj

“I never asked for a transcript, ... I hired him in a job where I didn't think he needed (a degree). His work experience was enough. And then with his job performance I gave him some responsibilities of and the title of chief administrative officer. . . . His educational background was never a big deal for me.”

George Stewart

“Yes, I'm interested in the job.”

Dr. Frances Haithcock

The job of the evangelist is never easy.

Ben Chifley

“I think the girls did a good job collectively executing and moving the ball around. It was imperative that we limited them to one shot. It was imperative that we had five people crashing the boards.”

William Anderson

“good job.just for test ??”


“(Myers) did a good job on the inside. She and Julie Hayes limited the touches that Jackie Weaver got.”

Dale Neal