Job Related Quotes

“Our guys did a great job. We're making some steps forward. I'm really happy how things went. We've come along way since the first meet.”

Russ Cozart

“He was a little rusty, but he got the job done and made some plays.”

Al Carter

“The job is do-able, as long as we set principled but realistic targets, moving toward them with deliberate steps, and if we are not alone as we take them. We will need, in particular, the Security Council to be united behind us, and with us.”

Lakhdar Brahimi

“She did a great job. She forced them to hit grounders and fly balls. She's a senior and that's what I expect out of her.”

Lindsey Ingram

We are in a democratic society. It's our job to question.

Kurt Russell

“We did a nice job of holding a 1-0 lead. We certainly would have liked to have increased the gap a bit, but as long as we're one goal better than the other team, that's really all that matters.”

Katey Stone