Job Related Quotes

“Crystal did a good job on the boards and we did a good job of finding her.”

Muffet Mcgraw

“In general, BGSU has done an outstanding job. Yet you also want to do better, and we've got some areas that we need to improve and are focusing on to get better.”

Paul Krebs

“At halftime we felt that as long as we are patient and do a good job with possession we could get the goal back. ... When you are down a goal and you're trying to push to get the goal there are going to be situations that will allow the game to open up and that's what happened. You still have to make the defensive plays out of those situations and tonight we didn't.”

Dave Sarachan

“They just do a really good job all over the floor and it's not just their guards, it's ball pressure all the time. You can see in a game like that when you get Whitney and Ida out of sync we're going to struggle.”

Russ Wilcox

I don't judge my characters, and that's my job not to judge them.

Quentin Tarantino

“We all knew Andy (Davis) did a really good job of making the movie,”

Chuck Viane

“The city has done a good job of being a little bit more on top of things. The county has fallen behind so much on anything that's technology based.”

Michael Slaughter

“Nelsinho has made a great start to the season and did a fantastic job at Brands Hatch. I must say well done to France and the USA for the good job they did today in qualifying. Nelsinho was a bit unlucky as he got stuck in some traffic in the first sector and should have been higher up as he was very quick in the middle and final sectors. The fact is, though, that this is racing and that's how it goes sometimes. We are still in a very good position for tomorrow and are not too disappointed with third.”

Emerson Fittipaldi

“Rarely do plays come out that perfect. Kevin did a great job of beating the guys and using his speed and I was able to put the ball there.”

Jamie Martin

“The desperation to which the state's constitutional officers are willing to go to avoid getting a real job is extraordinary.”

Dan Schnur