Job Related Quotes

“I think the biggest thing this year is our depth. I just think that we do a very good job of preparing our kids and putting them in position to win. At the end of season I thought we did some damage.”

Lou Piccola

“I think we did a fairly good job getting into the zone [Friday], but then once we were in there, within 15 seconds it was out. We lost a lot of battles and never got it set up. ... Obviously, you've got to be wary. They can score short-handed. But you can't think like that. I think it's just a new look. Obviously, the one we had hasn't been working.”

Dan Boyle

“The B team came out and played really well in the first game. They did a great job of setting it up. It was a fun match to watch.”

Coach Lori Bell

Being a specialist is one thing, getting a job is another.

Stephen Leacock

“This sends Rove back to his previous job focusing on what he has done so well. Josh wants to organize the place in a way that he wants to.”

Charles Black

“We are pleased that so many New Yorkers continue to strongly approve of the job Senator Clinton is doing for New York.”

Howard Wolfson

“Larry has done a good job as our general manager,”

Herb Kohl

“My thoughts are that he did such a great job of developing young players, defensive linemen like Ed Jones, Randy White and Harvey Martin, and was kind of the unsung hero of our defense.”

Gil Brandt

“Our defense did a tremendous job, but we gave up some key offensive rebounds down the stretch that hurt us.”

Cheryl Cole

“One of the reasons we really like to work with chefs is, boy, they do a nice job with the food. They are doing such a fine job of introducing that lamb to a lot of people who may have never eaten it. The consumption of lamb in the U.S. is 1 pound per person per year. If you can get it out there in front of people and they taste it and enjoy it, they will start buying it.”

Dan Wilson