Jobs Related Quotes

“Countries and places that invest in innovation will be home to the most rewarding jobs, the strongest economies and the best quality of life. I'm thrilled we are enriching our relationship with Catalonia. Together, we can build on our shared strengths and develop innovative ideas that will improve our quality of life.”

Dalton Mcguinty

“This is a blue-collar jobs bill,”

William Jefferson

“Our Age of Anxiety is, in great part, the result of trying to do today's jobs with yesterday's tools.”

Marshall Mcluhan

“It's a win-win situation. The workers don't only come for adventure. Many have trouble getting jobs back home.”

Sreeram Iyer

“In order for us to have jobs, in order to have a tax base, commerce, to have an economy work, we've got to have those things here. We all take them for granted sometimes. Even us engineers.”

Gary Gilot

?I thought in this country, the best social program was a job. Yet minimum wage jobs aren't paying enough to keep families out of poverty.?

Barbara Mikulski

?There are a lot of smart people, such as scientists and researchers, in Michigan without jobs that need to partner with an entrepreneur in order to rebuild the economy.?

Barry Cargill

“We feel we have a person whose leadership, experience and courage in his past jobs can help Mississippi State succeed.”

Ed Blakeslee

“It's not one of those jobs where you take a particular path. The stars kind of have to line up for you.”

Dan Mcadams

?Today, we are one important step closer to realizing this fantastic opportunity for thousands of new jobs for Indianapolis, ... We are grateful for the hard work and cooperation among state, local and federal officials that has gotten us to this point.?

Bart Peterson