Joe Related Quotes

“It's a great day for the attorneys general, ... Joe Camel and his ilk are now in intensive care and will be gone by April. Billboards will be coming down, and the real truth about tobacco will be available to every American.”

Christine Gregoire

“Joe did a miraculous job keeping that squad from not splitting offensively and defensively.”

Galen Hall

“I think that was absolutely ridiculous. I read [the statement] and I laughed. I've been here with Joe for 10 years and this was by far the toughest for him and the best job he's ever done.”

Mel Stottlemyre

?He could still score touchdowns. And I bet Joe Montana can still throw touchdowns, ... As an athlete, your time's going to come and your time's going to go. I can outrun you once, I just can't do it three, four or five times.?

Barry Bonds

“I just wanted to make sure I got it on net. It was another great pass by Joe coming from behind the net there. I don't know how he found me through a few legs, through a few sticks and put it right on the tape.”

Scott Hannan

“I really wish Mike and Joe would stop drawing on me while I'm sleeping.”

Chester Bennington

?I think Joe has mentioned it and I've seen it written before, that our game may have cost them two or three games. They couldn't get that game out of their system, it was such a tough loss.?

Barry Alvarez

“The biggest difference is, I've walked in the manager's shoes now. I know what Joe wants, I know what he expects.”

Lee Mazzilli

“He was fiercely loyal to Bill, just as he was to Joe Moore after he came in the following year, ... We only had seven or eight seniors on the team our senior year, but we played good defense and played that tough brand of football that Joe liked. When I listen to Kirk speak, I still hear a lot of the words and phrases that Joe used to tell us.”

Ken Brown

“I'm the guy that made Joe DiMaggio famous.”

Lefty Gomez