Joe Related Quotes

“Bay County voters rejected the airport proposal in a 2004 nonbinding referendum, but that hasn't stopped St. Joe or the state from pursuing this boondoggle. This is neither the time nor the place to build a destructive new airport as corporate welfare. We already have an underutilized airport that can serve the region well into the future when we will know much more about the troubled aviation industry, the realistic prospects for another airport, and the true environmental and financial cost.”

Don Hodges

“The biggest difference is, I've walked in the manager's shoes now. I know what Joe wants, I know what he expects.”

Lee Mazzilli

“It took me a little while to realize that Joe knows everything that's going on around here. It might not seem that way, because he's so low-key. But he knows exactly what's going on in the clubhouse and in the dugout. I've never seen a manager that plugged in.”

Alex Rodriguez

“This is sort of a security weather report for your average Joe.”

Dave Cole

“If you talk to Joe Citizen, they don't think about it, but they would be surprised by how often they are under surveillance. I would say each and every time there is a crime, something is caught on tape.”

Ray Flynn

“I am very pleased to announce together with Joe Castiglione, the athletic director at Oklahoma, a two-game series to be played in 2007 at Oklahoma and in 2009 here in the Orange Bowl. Each of us has won a national title since 2000. This will be a great series played by two of college football's legendary teams. I'm pleased that the new 12-game schedule has allowed the playing of this game and several others which we have scheduled with Texas A&M; and Ohio State.”

Paul Dee

“I knew I had Joe on my flank so it was easy to know where to pass it.”

Grant Stevenson

“If it hadn't been for Joe, a lot of the things for the visually impaired wouldn't be here.”

Sid Smith

“Paul and Joe have had a massive influence on how much I love my job. I've come to learn that hockey is what I do, it's a part of me but I also know there are a lot of different things out there. I've just got a great balance with everything.”

Dallas Eakins

“I learned a ton from Joe, ... He'd allow you to do anything you wanted in rehearsal. You could do handstands while doing your lines. He just wants you to explode and explore it. Then he'll guide you and help you focus in like a laser on what the character's journey is.”

Rainn Wilson