Junior Related Quotes

“We've had discussions with Gus, but not much has been resolved. With Junior, there have been no discussions. We're assuming that each party believes they are better off separating from the other.”

Marvin Demoff

“We couldn't cut any more at the junior high level because they're already staffed as minimally as they can be. At this point, all we can do is take the cuts and deal with it the best we can.”

Ralph Henning

“I've been with him since I was six. For him to have trained me as a junior and taken me through my career and to gold medals has been amazing,”

Grant Hackett

“A registering senior is given four balls, a junior three and so on down to a freshman who only gets one ball in the drawing. This is the system we've been using for the last three years. We've had the fewest number of complaints with it.”

Mark Gajda

“He's a junior, and he's been through a few of these now. He executed very well today. When you come in and win the Commissioner's Trophy, it is a pretty special accomplishment.”

Dan Pfaff

“Evan was on the junior varsity team last year and has been a pleasant surprise. He is quick, determined and plays good defense. Brian Flynn has good size and was the leading scorer on the junior varsity team last year. Brian Lenox is raw, but is quick and persistent and knows how to finish.”

Dick Nyman

“We did a lot of good things tonight. Our backs ran hard and (junior quarterback) Gavin (Johnston) did a good job of running the offense. And our defense shut them down in the second half.”

Dean Cappel

“My biggest concern coming in was having two junior quarterbacks, I won't deny that. I feel real good.”

Dan Sabers

“People don't understand how remarkable it is that Junior came back from it. What he went through was a surgery [having three titanium screws attach his hamstring] that had never been done before on a baseball player. We weren't wondering what level Junior would be playing at. We were wondering if he'd even be back at all. That he's been playing at such a high level this season has been truly a wonder.”

Dan O'brien

“She has such a court presence out there. She was playing at St. Joe?s Junior High last year and she?s playing like a junior or a senior. Does she make mistakes? Sure, but she?s learned from every single one of them.”

Pat Smith