Keeping Related Quotes

“Keeping those rivalries intact seemed more important.”

Dean Spanos

“There are severely genuine signs of volume constriction from OPEC producers. They are keeping to their pledges,”

Peter Gignoux

“We were keeping a close watch on his movements and as soon as we had confirmed knowledge about him, we rushed an STF team and they finally got him.”

Yashpal Singh

“When you see the two of them together, you realize that by keeping them apart something terrible was done.”

Gregory Craig

“He did a good job of keeping his comments precise and on-point.”

Gregory Miller

“The revenue we had coming in was not keeping up with the expenses.”

Rick Saul

“Most of (the latest computer projections on the storm's path) are keeping Debby in a more southerly track and that keeps it somewhat closer to Hispaniola and to Cuba.”

Max Mayfield

“He is definitely the best (on the team) at keeping his composure, staying focused, and on task during his matches. When I say his name, I always think of toughness. He is extremely mentally tough for his age.”

Lee Thompson

?Throughout the game we tried to concentrate on keeping our composure. We knew they had a run in them, they are a great offensive team. It was just a matter of us not making mistakes we made before.?

Barbara Turner

“Very surprised, very surprised. They did a great job of keeping me from finding out.”

Randy Miller